Inquiry Final Draft


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Inquiry draft 2

Englsih Inquiry

Hey guys! Sorry about the delay my computer broke and wouldn’t start and they ended up having to wipe my computer so I had to rewrite my paper! Anyways, I am most concerned that my paper is too research-like. I tried to be as inquisitive as I could be while still adding in my research portion but I’m a little worried about the balance. I’m also concerned about whether or not my narrative/vignette/memoir meets the requirements. I’m also not sure if the paper is supposed to have any definite type of conclusion? Other than these things I would like to think that I’m on the right track. You can be honest! Thanks!

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Class Notes 11/18/13

Group-led Disscusion: 

Free Write: My personal definition of Genre is the way of communicating in certain situations, kind of like style. I think that genre is similar to Discourse in that it can’t be put into any type box. I dont have any idea what mean and mode mean, still working on that! However I can probably guess that a median is the and a mode is the way of communicating the subject. Who knows?

Notes: Genre is a type of classification -Genres are fluid and always changing -genre is kin to Discourse -Discourses creates situations, these situations demand genre responses. From this we have to determine if we will answer to the situation with an appropriate genre or make a new genre by defying the social atmosphere by combating innapropriately and creating a new situation which creates a chain reaction and continues creating genres. –Mode: The manner in which an idea or topic is expressed or experienced. –Medium: How you go about doing it?? (Didnt quite understand)

Game: Part 1: Medium Part 2: Mode Part 3: genres Part 4:Literacies

Free Write #2: Because this is a freewrite and i’m pretty sure that im allowed to say whatever is on my mind i will be honest and say that i did not gain much from this disscusion except for the direct definitions of medium and mode. I think that saying that genre is a type of categoriziging system is a little bit of a miss. I think that my ideas on genre were not expanded and that the only reason that anyone shared was because cookies were handed out like dog treats. I didnt agree with much that was built upon. Basically the only thing i learned was what medium and mode are and that Dan likes cookies.

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Class Notes on Genre 11/11

What we know about genre from the reading:

Created by social situations – They are flexible and stable – General knowledge is not enough for use (knowing forms)

Genre cannot be defined only characterized: Social, Dynamic, Rhetorical, Historical, Cultural, Ideological, Situated

They are flexible because they are: social, dynamic, rhetorical, situational, cultural

They are stable because they are: Historical, Ideological, Cultural

Antecedent: parent of another genre (example: An address book has evolved into contacts in your phone) Or ( Twitter acts almost as a text message because it shares the same form)

Genre chains: Roles that genres create, create other genres. Genres lead to roles that then have their own genres.

Characteristics of Genre:

Rhetorical: choices used to make a strategic plot to capture a specific audience

Social: create a social dynamic that relate to roles and relationships

Dynamic: there are many ways to approach each genre and that approach directs the tone of the situation

Historical: Genres are based on past situational contexts of genre

Cultural: related to the big D Discourse that is being played into, genre is equally weighted with culture and Discourse

Situational: we can generally predict genre based on situation, the same genre can change with different situations

Ideological: expectations





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Genre: The stilts of society

Dean reading response

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Draft 1 and Concerns


I am mostly concerned about my thoughts being very scattered. I have a general idea of the statement I am trying to make but I’m having a hard time making it flow, especially in terms of meshing the research and the less formal writing. I would mostly like to know if you think that this is a good enough topic to build on? I am very unsure of how to approach the idea that women and men are taught in different ways because of societal gender roles without drawing drastic or rash conclusions.

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Technological Literacy: A <3/H8 Relationship


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